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About Us

MEDIRITE CORPORATION is an integrated Medical Information Management Company, which offers Medical Billing Services. Our Services includes integrated Appointment Scheduling, Billing Modules and accessibility of information anywhere, anytime. Our services have evolved to a level where we can be deemed a Virtual Secretary targeted for hospitals, clinics, and independent doctors.

The company is first started by our President Mrs. Vibha Patel and it is equally executed by our Vice President Mr. Nilesh Patel and is promoted by technical expert Mr. Mike Anderson from diversified industry who is allegiently serving their clients to fulfill their prospective needs. In a relatively short span of 5 years, we have been able to transform into efficiency engines. Our strategy is to build productivity through the use of technology, highly trained personnel, and customized consulting services. With resources composed of professional employees nationwide and overseas, we have found a solution for all the problems in running a medical practice resulting in better clinical, revenue cycle, and employee management.


We are the sole proprietors of the Medical Billing and other services. This allows us to streamline all our respective services into one effective solution for running a medical practice.

Currently we are servicing our clients in most of the cities of New Jersey and our goal to expand throughout the United States of America in the upcoming session.

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