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Denials Management






Denials is of course adds more stress to the physicians and the billing companies. To Also it is not necessarily a final decision made by insurance. Physician has right to get paid for the services they had rendered and the efforts they had invested during an each service. Come follow us; how we work on the denials claims:

  • Our customer service executives make the insurance representative to send the claims reprocessing.
  • We appeal on claims along with medical notes for further reviews for several denial reasons wherever required.
  • Follow-up on reprocessed claims or appeals on a timely basis.
  • We do not write off claims unless and until our final appeal
  • Finally most of our claims sent for reprocessed or appeals are being paid and those claims which are upheld we bill to patient if required or the last option for us is to inform the physician and make it write off


How We Can Stop Denials?


  • Verifying patient’s eligibility.
  • Benefits verification on a timely basis.
  • Correct CPT coding and ICD 9 diagnosis to avoid errors.
  • Transmission of claims on a timely basis.

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