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Not Just Another EHR & Practice Management

Medirite is the most complete and user friendly EHR and practice management. Fully web based Medirite requires no servers, software or expensive hardware. Medirite EHR is developed with funding from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and this helps us lower the cost for our practices.


You don't have to be an IT genius to Operate and effective EHR platform

Developed And Maintained By Leading Expert Panels

With Medirite you can rest assured that cutting edge innovation in medical informatics is brought you before every other EHR. This gives your medical practice a great competitive advantage. Medirite's clinical data structure was reviewed by expert panels from Columbia University Biomedical Informatics, and our product was subjected to rigorous usability tests by Columbia University Usability Labs. The project advisory board includes researchers and staff from the CDC Prevention Research Centers Program, and eight other medical centers and universities.


Medirite puts your mind at ease by using stringent access controls, advanced encryption, and HIPAA-validated servers. An independent privacy board oversees these security measures.

No Binding Contracts. You Own Your Data.

With Medirite you are not tied into any binding contracts. You use the Medirite EHR platform as long as you feel it satisfies your practice needs. We continually strive to enhance our software and improve user experience. With Medirite you are assured of data ownership. Your data is stored in our servers in an interoperable standards compliant format (CCR) and you will be allowed to export your data to other software at no additional fee.

More Features

No Servers and No Software to Install. Medirite is a web-based application without size constraints or installation concerns. It strives to be as helpful and indispensable as possible. Medirite is continually being refined, updated, and extended. And once you do try Medirite, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

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